Why Do You Need a Resume?

Quite simply, you need a resume because almost everybody in your professional career is going to require that you have one. This is because a resume is the best way to get a good picture of your qualifications and experience. An employer can’t determine whether or not you can do a job unless he sees a complete list of your credentials. A school program can’t tell whether or not you would be a worthwhile candidate unless they can see some evidence of your dedication and character. None of this can be done without a solid resume.

It doesn’t matter how great your qualifications are; if you don’t have a resume, you’re not likely to get a good job. In a way, a resume is a big part of your qualifications by itself. Potential employers like to see that you’re capable of producing a professional, well-written document that conforms with business standards and reflects the kind of employee they want working for them. A candidate without a ready resume comes off as disorganized, shortsighted, and lacking in dedication.

Even if you’re not actively searching for a new job, it’s a good idea to have a resume stored away in the event that you need it. Not only might you find yourself out of work unexpectedly, but your current employer may request an up-to-date version of your resume in order to re-evaluate your qualifications, possibly for a promotion or maybe to determine whether or not you should be released from your position. Putting together a fresh resume is a time-consuming process, and could hurt you when the unexpected happens.