Where Do You Need a Resume?

Since you never know when you’re going to need your resume, it helps to keep it somewhere that’s easy to remember and easy to access. If you have a computer, it’s best to keep a digital copy that you can regularly update and distribute to online job applications quickly and easily. Back this file up! Put an extra copy on a flash drive, a portable hard drive, or some other location where it will be safe in case your computer fails. Keeping a few printed copies of your resume may also be a good idea, both for the sake of keeping your information safe and allowing you to distribute hard copies upon request.

There are also a lot of career websites that allow you to upload your resume to be looked at by potential employers. Some of these are general headhunter sites that connect people searching for jobs with companies searching for employees. Some are the career websites of individual companies. Having a copy of your resume saved with such a site is a good way to back up your data, while simultaneously seeking the attention of people who may want to hire you.