When Do You Need a Resume?

Resumes are most important in your professional career. You’re going to need a resume for almost every job application or internship application. If you’re being considered for a promotion within your current job, your employer may ask for your updated resume. It’s always a good document to have ready to go, should the need arise.

A resume is also highly important in the academic world. Applications for many higher education programs, like graduate school or professional schools, will ask to see your resume. You might also be asked to produce a resume for certain scholarships or other programs.

On top of this, there are many other places where you might need a resume. Though a lot of volunteer work is open to everybody, there are some volunteer positions that require a certain amount of training or experience to handle properly. Some contests or art submissions like to see an appropriate resume come with your work. You never know when you might need one in your daily life.