What is a Resume?

A resume, which is sometimes written as “résumé”, is the single most important part of building your career. It is a list of all of your work experience, education, and qualifications, which can then be sent to companies, schools, or other organizations who might be interested. A potential employer uses your resume to decide whether or not to give you a job. School programs use your resume to decide whether or not to accept you. A well-made resume can make a huge difference in your professional or academic success.

It is important to distinguish between a resume and a CV. CV stands for curriculum vitae. Depending on where you are, a CV might be exactly the same as a resume, but it generally refers to a more thorough variety of document. CV’s tend to be longer than the average resume, and describe your qualifications in more thorough terms. When applying for jobs, take note of whether your potential employer is asking for a resume or a CV.