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Psychology CV Template


Template – Psychology CV

This document contains a template that might be used to help construct a curriculum vitae for the purposes of a psychology career. Within this template is a se...

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Template ? Immigration Visa Resume


Template – Immigration Visa Resume

When you are planning to immigrate to another country, you will probably find that you will be expected to submit a resume along with your application. Here is...

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Visa Extension Cover Letter Template


Template – Visa Extension Cover Letter

This file gives you a template for a letter that might be submitted with Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status. Try filling in your app...

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Nursing CV Template


Template – Nursing CV

If you need to write a curriculum vitae for a nursing position, here is a template that can guide you along the way. In this document you will find detailed in...

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Outline – General Curriculum Vitae

Here you can see a comprehensive outline of how a curriculum vitae should be composed, including all appropriate categories and what should go into them. This ...

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Template ? Sympathy Letter Sample


Template – Sympathy Letter

A sympathy letter, when properly crafted, should effectively convey your support for your reader in a sensitive and sincere fashion. Try following this simple ...

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Template ? Scholarship Application Letter 2


Template – Scholarship Letter 2

Here is another template that can be used to construct a letter for the purposes of applying for a scholarship. Consider following this model when composing yo...

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Template ? Scholarship Application Letter


Template – Scholarship Application Letter

Here is a simple template to use when constructing a letter for the purposes of a scholarship application. Insert your appropriate information into the indicat...

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Template ? Brief Resignation


Template – Brief Resignation Letter

Here is a basic template that can be used to quickly and easily put together a brief letter announcing your resignation. This format will cover the bare-bones ...

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Template ? Promotion Offer


Template – Promotion Offer 1

When you find yourself in a position where you need to give an employee an official promotion offer, try using this template. Simply plug in your appropriate i...

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