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Template ? Resignation Email


Template – Resignation Email

Here is a simple template that can be used to help you construct an email for the purposes of resigning from a job. Here you will find basic instructions on ho...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 1


Example – Formal Resignation 1

When you wish to leave a job, it is often best to give notice of your resignation in writing. Here is an example of how you might format such a letter. Notice...

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Template ? Brief Resignation


Template – Brief Resignation Letter

Here is a basic template that can be used to quickly and easily put together a brief letter announcing your resignation. This format will cover the bare-bones ...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 4


Example – Formal Resignation 4

Here is another sample of a letter being written by a fictitious employee to formally announce his resignation. Consider using this letter as a model when cons...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 2


Example – Formal Resignation 2

Here is another example of a letter that might be written by an employee announcing his resignation from a company. Again, this letter is brief and direct, wit...

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Sample ? Resignation Acknowledgment


Example – Resignation Acknowledgment

When an employee chooses to resign from his or her position, it's a good idea to formally acknowledge this resignation. Here is an example of a letter that mig...

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Sample ? Informal Resignation


Example – Informal Resignation

There are some situations where a formal resignation letter isn't quite appropriate. In this example letter, you can see how a high school student might resign...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 6


Example – Formal Resignation 6

Here is one more example of how an employee might compose a letter to formally resign from his place of employment. Consider this as a model for your own forma...

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Resignation Letter Template


Template – Resignation Letter

This template is handy for when you need to compose a letter announcing your resignation from your job.  Simply follow the instructions, utilizing an appropriat...

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Example ? Volunteer Resignation Letter


Sample – Volunteer Resignation Letter

In this sample letter, a volunteer worker is resigning from the hospital that he or she has been working for.  This is generally a simpler matter than resigning...

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