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Sample Father’s Day Message to Customers


Sample – Father’s Day Message to Customers

Some businesses like to throw special promotions in honor of certain important shopping holidays. Retailers who sell popular gift items for men, like the gadge...

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Example Mother?s Day Promotion


Sample – Mother’s Day Promotion Announcement

Some businesses like to hold special deals or promotions to coincide with important holidays. In this sample announcement, you can see how a company might desc...

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Retail Promotion Email Example


Sample – Retail Job Promotion Email

The writer in this sample email is applying for a promotion within his current job with a clothing retail store. Since he wants to move up from assistant manag...

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Promotion Request Letter Example


Sample – Promotion Request Letter

Sometimes there is a job opening within your job, and it is appropriate to submit a letter to your human resources or other appropriate body in order to request...

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Promotion Acceptance Example 3


Sample – Promotion Acceptance Letter 3

This letter represents another sample of how somebody who just received a job promotion might express his or her acceptance. Consider a similar letter when acc...

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Template ? Promotion Offer


Template – Promotion Offer 1

When you find yourself in a position where you need to give an employee an official promotion offer, try using this template. Simply plug in your appropriate i...

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Template ? Promotion Offer 2


Template – Promotion Offer 2

Here is another template that you might use to formally offer an employee a promotion within the company. Insert your relevant information, and alter the wordi...

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Template ? Letter of Interest in Promotion


Template – Letter of Interest in a Promotion

Here is a simple template that you can use to help construct your own letter of interest in a promotion within your current company. Follow the guidelines here...

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Sample ? Promotion to Manager


Example – Applying for Managerial Promotion

The writer of this example letter is working as a customer service representative and wants to apply for a promotion to a management position.  The object here ...

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Sample ? Promotion Acceptance


Example – Promotion Acceptance Letter

This example letter has been written by a fictitious writer for the purposes of accepting a promotion within his company.  The object here is to thank your read...

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