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Example ? CS Background 2


Sample – Computer Science Background 2

Here is another example of a resume that a computer science professional might compose as part of his job application.  For a field like this, you’ll want to ma...

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Example - Admin Assistant


Sample – Administration Assistant

In this sample resume, an experienced administration assistant is trying to further her career.  It's a fairly basic variety of resume, and can be considered a ...

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Sample ? Business Admin Resume


Sample – Business Administration

This sample features the resume of a business professional seeking a position in business administration.  It follows a fairly standard, general-purpose format,...

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Sample Resume ? Business Admin


General – Business Admin

In this example resume, the fictitious job applicant is trying to land a new job in business administration.  He’s highly experience in the biomedical field, an...

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Example ? Accounting 2


Career – Accounting 2

In this sample accounting resume, the fictitious applicant is searching for a position that will utilize his leadership skills.  Notice how he separates his nor...

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Example ? Social Work Positions Page 1


Sample – Social Work Positions

Here’s a couple of samples of cover letters written for two different social worker job applications.  Consider either of these as a model when composing your o...

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Template - Outline 3


Template – Outline 3

Here’s another easy template you can follow while trying to write your own professional employment cover letter.  It includes detailed descriptions on what to w...

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Template - Outline 2 Page 1


Template – Outline 2

Here is another template you can follow when trying to write out your own professional cover letters.  Here you’ll find in-depth descriptions of what you need t...

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Example - Engineering Cover Letter


Template – Engineering Cover Letter

Here is a template that can be used for constructing a cover letter when applying for an engineering job.  Try following the example offered here, plugging in y...

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Example - Chemical Engineering


Sample – Chemical Engineering

In this sample cover letter, a fictitious job applicant is hoping to secure a new position as a chemical engineer.  Consider the model offered here when composi...

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