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Example Mother?s Day Promotion


Sample – Mother’s Day Promotion Announcement

Some businesses like to hold special deals or promotions to coincide with important holidays. In this sample announcement, you can see how a company might desc...

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Reference Request Email Example


Sample – Reference Request Email

When you are applying for a position that requires a reference, it is often appropriate to first contact the people who you wish to list as references. In this...

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Recommendation Request Email Example


Sample – Recommendation Request Email

The writer of this sample email is asking a professor that she has had for several classes to compose a general recommendation letter for her job search. Notic...

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Interview Request Email Example


Sample – Interview Request Email

In this sample email letter, the fictitious writer is contacting a health care group regarding work opportunities. This is similar in many ways to how you migh...

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Retail Promotion Email Example


Sample – Retail Job Promotion Email

The writer in this sample email is applying for a promotion within his current job with a clothing retail store. Since he wants to move up from assistant manag...

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Promotion Application Email Example


Sample – Job Promotion Application Email

When you want to apply for an open position within the company you are currently working for, you might compose an email to the appropriate department similar t...

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Job Transfer Request Template


Template – Job Transfer Request

When you need to compose a letter requesting a job transfer, this simple template can help guide you. This document will give you clear, step-by-step instructi...

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Job Transfer Request Example 1


Sample – Job Transfer Request Letter 1

If you ever have a need to relocate to a new city, you may have the option of requesting an appropriate transfer from your current job. Here is an example of a...

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Promotion Acceptance Letter Example 1


Sample – Job Promotion Acceptance Letter 1

Here is an example of a letter that might be written for the purposes of stating your acceptance of a job promotion. As you can see here, our fictitious writer...

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Promotion Acceptance Letter Example 2


Sample – Job Promotion Acceptance Letter 2

Here is another sample of a letter that could be written to express your acceptance of a job promotion within your company. It would make for a good model when...

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