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Father’s Day Letter to Coworker Sample


Sample – Father’s Day Letter to Coworker

Occasionally, it may be appropriate to send a Father’s Day letter to an employee or coworker. In this sample letter, an office worker is sending a letter to a ...

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Father’s Day Letter to Client Sample


Sample – Father’s Day Letter to Client

Some businesses like to send their big clients messages to acknowledge holidays, like the Father’s day letter in this sample. This can be a good way to reinfor...

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Example Mother?s Day Letter to Client


Sample – Mother’s Day Letter to Client

Holidays like Mother’s Day can be a good occasion to reaffirm your relationship with an important business client. In this sample letter, a marketing director ...

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Corporate Holiday Greeting Examples


Sample – Corporate Holiday Greetings

Here is a list of short sample holiday greetings that might be given out by a corporate entity to employees, clients, or customers. Consider using a note simil...

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Samples ? Thanks for Business


Examples – Thanks for Business

Here we have an example of a letter that a small business owner might compose to thank a client for his or her business. This can be a good strategy to foster ...

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Sample ? Post-Merger Memo


Example – Memo to Business Post-Merger

In this example memo, the head of one company is communicating with a company that is to be merged with her own. The object here is to welcome and reassure the...

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Example ? Introduction Thank You


Sample – Introduction Thank You

In this sample letter, our fictitious writer is thanking his recipient for introducing him to a valuable business contact.  This is largely a pleasantry, though...

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Template – Business Letter Format

Here is a template for writing a persuasive business letter. The object here is to state a problem and offer a solution in a way that makes it clear that you ar...

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General Business Letter Template


Template – General Business Letter

This is a template for a very general variety of business letter. You can use this model for any type of professional communication, particularly where there is...

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General Resume Template 3


General Resume Template 3 – MBA

This template gives you a general purpose resume that properly details an MBA degree.  The same format can be utilized for any kind of advanced degree.  Simply ...

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