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Sample Client Follow-Up Email


Sample – Client Follow-Up Email

In this sample letter, a representative for a business is contacting a long-time client to follow-up on a potential sale opportunity. The company had been in c...

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Happy Holidays to Client Example


Sample – Happy Holidays to Client

In this sample letter, a business owner is writing to a client on the occasion of the new year to express thanks for his business for the past year. This is a ...

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Example ? Thank You for Meeting


Sample – Thank You for Meeting

Sometimes you may be fortunate enough to get an informational meeting with somebody in the field you hope to get into. When this happens, it is often proper to...

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Template ? College Scholarship Application Letter


Template – College Scholarship Application

This template was designed for soon-to-be high school graduates who are applying for scholarships in order to go to a university. Try following these simple di...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 1


Example – Formal Resignation 1

When you wish to leave a job, it is often best to give notice of your resignation in writing. Here is an example of how you might format such a letter. Notice...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 4


Example – Formal Resignation 4

Here is another sample of a letter being written by a fictitious employee to formally announce his resignation. Consider using this letter as a model when cons...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 2


Example – Formal Resignation 2

Here is another example of a letter that might be written by an employee announcing his resignation from a company. Again, this letter is brief and direct, wit...

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Sample ? Formal Resignation 6


Example – Formal Resignation 6

Here is one more example of how an employee might compose a letter to formally resign from his place of employment. Consider this as a model for your own forma...

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Sample ? Thank You for Shipment


Example – Thank You for Shipment

In this example letter, our writer has just received a shipment of goods and wishes to thank the company for its service.  Such a letter can be a good way to en...

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Sample ? Thank You for Business


Example – Thank You for Loyal Business

There are times when it is appropriate to single out a particularly valuable customer and send him or her a personal thank you letter for their business.  This ...

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