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Sample ? Thanks for Job Interview 4


Example – Thank You for Job Interview 4

Here is another example of an email message thanking a potential employer for the chance to interview for a job.  This letter goes a little further than most, g...

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Sample ? Thank You for Business


Example – Thank You for Loyal Business

There are times when it is appropriate to single out a particularly valuable customer and send him or her a personal thank you letter for their business.  This ...

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Example - Email Thank You Letter


Sample – Email Thank You Letter

Here is an example of a thank you letter that somebody might write as a follow-up to a meeting with a potential employer.  Note how the writer uses this letter ...

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Example – Business Thank You Email Message


Sample – Business Thank You Email Message

Here is a sample of a good, general purpose business-based thank you message sent via email.  Our fictitious writer here merely wants to extend her gratitude to...

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