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Sample Thank You Letter for Donation 2


Sample – Thank You Letter for Donation 2

Here is another sample of a letter that could be written by a charitable organization to one of their donors. Consider using this letter as a model when constr...

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Sample Thank You Letter for Donation 1


Sample – Thank You Letter for Donation 1

Following a large charity event, it is often appropriate for a charitable organization to send a special thank-you letter to those who donated. In this sample ...

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Sample Thank You Letter to Sponsor


Sample – Thank You Letter to Sponsor

If you are a part of an organization that recently benefitted from donations or sponsorship, it may be necessary for you to send out thank-you letters to you be...

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Example Post-Interview Thank-You Tips


Post-Interview Thank-You Tips

Sometimes writing a thank-you note after a job interview is a good way to reinforce your qualifications with your interviewer. These tips will help you to writ...

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Job Hunt Thank You Letter Example


Sample – Job Hunt Thank-You Letter

Looking for a new job can be a trying process, and the people who give you special help deserve special consideration. In this sample thank-you message, our fi...

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Employees Thank-You Letter Example


Sample – Employees Thank-You Letter

This letter gives you an example of a thank-you that a manager might send out to a subordinate for a favor rendered for business purposes. Our writer here rece...

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Grad Thank You Card Example


Sample – Thank You Card for a Graduation Gift

When you receive a gift for graduation, it is appropriate to send a thank-you note. The writer of this sample note is a high school graduate who is thanking he...

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Sample – Thank You for Business Referral

Occasionally, you may be made aware that a new client or business contact was referred your way by another business or individual. When this happens, sending a...

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Sample – Thank You for Networking Event

In this sample letter, our fictitious writer is thanking his recipient for inviting him to a job networking event. This is a nice gesture to extend to somebody...

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Example ? Thank You for Meeting


Sample – Thank You for Meeting

Sometimes you may be fortunate enough to get an informational meeting with somebody in the field you hope to get into. When this happens, it is often proper to...

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