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Examples ? Law Resumes


Samples – Law

Here is a series of general purpose samples written by fictitious job applicants for jobs in the legal field.  Consider the strengths of each sample, and try to...

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Examples ? Various Law Students


Samples – Various Law Students

In this document, you'll find a series of different law student sample resumes coming from different backgrounds.  Try looking through the resumes, consider the...

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Example ? Public Policy


Sample – Public Policy

Here is a sample of a legal resume that a fictitious job applicant might compose for a position in public policy.  Consider this as a model for your own legal r...

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Example ? Management and Planning


Sample – Management and Planning

Here’s a sample of a resume that a legal professional might compose when pursuing a new position in management and planning.  Consider the model presented here ...

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Resume Template ? Public Affairs


Sample – Public Affairs

Here is a simple example of a resume for a public affairs position, as written by a fictitious job candidate with experience in the field.  Consider it as a mod...

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Example Resume ? Politics-Economics


Sample – Politics-Economics

Here is an example of a resume written by a fictitious applicant seeking a political job that puts his economic background to good use.  His expanded “developme...

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Example - Political Science


Sample – Political Science

Here is a resume composed by a fictitious political science major prior to earning his degree.  Though he hasn't yet graduated, he still has a lot of experience...

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Example - Poli-Sci/English


Sample – Political Science/English Major

In this sample resume, our fictitious political science student is also pursuing a degree in English.  His second major has a lot of potential application to an...

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Example - 2nd Year Law Student


Sample – 2nd Year Law Student

This is a sample of a resume that might be written by a law student seeking a new job while in his second year at law school.  Consider the model being presente...

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Example - 1st Year Law Student


Sample – 1st Year Law Student

Here is a basic sample of how a job applicant in his first year of law school might compose his resume.  Consider this model when planning your own resume.

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