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Example - Marketing Comm Manager


Sample – Marketing Communications Manager

In this sample resume, the writer is applying for a new position as a marketing communications manager.  The object here is to showcase both an aptitude for mar...

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Example - Admin Assistant


Sample – Administration Assistant

In this sample resume, an experienced administration assistant is trying to further her career.  It's a fairly basic variety of resume, and can be considered a ...

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Template ? Advertising-Marketing


Template – Advertising and Marketing

In this document you’ll find a collection of templates that might be used for constructing advertising or marketing resumes.  They are accompanied with detailed...

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General Resume Sample ? Professional Writer


General – Professional Writer

This example resume details the qualifications of a fictitious professional writer trying to find new work.  As a writer, she has a certain opportunity in her r...

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Sample – General Public Relations

Here is a resume sample representing the work of a fictitious applicant for a public relations position.  This candidate doesn't have a lot of experience in the...

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Example - General PR 2


Sample – General Public Relations 2

Here is another example of how a job hunter might compose a resume to pursue a career in public relations.  Our fictitious applicant is a PR major, and highligh...

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Example Resume ? Publication Editor


Career – Publication Editor

In this sample resume, a fictitious applicant is attempting to land a job as a publication editor.  This is a difficult position to get, so he wants to make his...

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Template ? Public Relations Resume


Template – Public Relations Resume

Here is a simple template that models how a student might compose a resume for a position in public relations.  You can plug in your relevant information and ad...

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Example Resume ? PR Marketing


Career – Public Relations – Marketing

Here is a fairly basic sample resume, wherein an experienced PR professional is trying to land a new job in marketing.  Consider using this resume as a template...

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Example ? Public Relations 2


Sample – Public Relations 2

Here is another PR resume written by an applicant seeking a position in public relations or marketing.  Consider this as a model when writing your own public re...

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