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Sample Resume ? Business Admin


General – Business Admin

In this example resume, the fictitious job applicant is trying to land a new job in business administration.  He’s highly experience in the biomedical field, an...

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Sample ? Business Admin-Marketing


Sample – Business Administration Marketing

The fictitious job applicant in this sample resume has moved to the US from South Korea, and is seeking a position in business administration.  Notice how the e...

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Sample ? Business Admin 2


General – Business Admin 2

Here is another example of how a business professional might put together a resume in order to land a job as a business administrator.  Note here how he describ...

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Resume Example ? Sales Director


Career – Sales Director

In this sample, an experienced sales director is constructing a resume in order to secure a new marketing-related sales directing position.  It’s a fairly stand...

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Example ? Econ-Business-IT


Sample – Economics and IT

Here is a resume written by a fictitious applicant looking to make use of her background in economics and business IT.  She has not yet graduated from college, ...

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Example ? Business Marketing


Sample – Business Marketing

In this sample, you can see a resume as it might be composed by a candidate for a new marketing position.  Notice how the writer groups her experience based on ...

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