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Example ? Social Media Manager


Sample – Social Media Manager

Here is a sample of a resume that a social media expert might compose for the sake of advancing her social media career.  The object here is to sell yourself as...

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Example Resume ? SEO Specialist


Sample – SEO Specialist

In this sample resume, an experienced SEO professional is trying to secure a new job in internet marketing.  His field is a highly specialized one, so you can s...

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Example ? Marketing College Graduate


Sample – Marketing College Graduate

In this sample resume, a recent college graduate is trying to put his new marketing degree to work in a new job.  He may not have a lot of professional experien...

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Example ? Finance and Marketing Consultant


Sample – Financial and Marketing Consultant

Here is a fairly standard resume sample wherein a consultant is trying to apply for a job in finance or marketing.  Consider the format presented here for your ...

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Example ? Business Management


Sample – Business Management

Here’s a combination resume sample that shows how a business professional might pursue an entry level business management position.  Notice how she’s able to ma...

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Example ? MEM-MBA Resume


Sample – MEM-MBA

Here is a sample resume that might be constructed by a job applicant with an MEM or MBA degree.  If you, too, hold either an MEM or an MBA, consider the model p...

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Example ? General Marketing Resume


Sample – General Marketing Resume

This resume sample is a fairly straightforward style of resume that could be used for most any marketing-based position.  Try using this format for your own gen...

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Management Resume Example


Sample – General Management

In this sample resume, our writer is applying for a new position in the field of management.  This is a general-purpose management resume, and would work well f...

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Business School Example Resumes


Sample Business School Resumes

In this document, you’ll find a collection of resumes wherein a fictitious business school graduate is trying to land a new job.  There is a resume for a consul...

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Sample ? Business Admin Resume


Sample – Business Administration

This sample features the resume of a business professional seeking a position in business administration.  It follows a fairly standard, general-purpose format,...

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