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Example ? Video and Media


General – Video and Media

Here is a sample resume that might be written by a video editor as part of an application for a job in the media.  With this kind of application, our writer can...

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Sample Resume ? Interior Designer


General – Interior Designer

In this resume example, our fictitious job applicant is an experienced designer looking for interior design work.  With this kind of job, it’s important to reme...

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Sample Template ? Arts and Media


General – Arts and Media

Here is the example resume of a fictitious job applicant looking for work in the arts or media.  She has some experience in the field, and is tailoring her qual...

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Sample Resume - Artist


General – Artist

Here is a simple example of a general-purpose artist’s resume, as written by a fictitious painter and sculptor.  For an established artist, a resume needs to sh...

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Example Resume ? Film Internship


Career – Film-Industry-Internship

Here is a sample resume of a film student looking to land an internship in the film industry.  Notice how he has made a special list of the cameras he’s familia...

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Example ? Design Assistant


Career – Design Assistant

In this sample resume, an applicant with a design degree is looking for a position as a design assistant.  Consider the model presented here when composing your...

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