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General – MBA in Finance

In this sample resume, somebody is applying for a new job with her MBA in finance.  She has a lot of military experience to her credit, which will serve her wel...

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Sample ? Financial Accounting


General – Financial Accounting

Here is an example of a resume that a financial accounting expert might compose for a new accounting job.  It is engineered to appeal to recruiters, with a very...

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Example ? General Financial Resume


Sample – General Finance Resume

Here is a fairly standard sample resume written by a financial professional in pursuit of a new job in finance.  When composing your own general-purpose finance...

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General Finance Resume Example


Sample – General Finance Resume

Here’s an example of a finance resume written by an entry-level applicant with nominal experience in the field.  She only has a couple internship positions to h...

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Example ? General Accounting


Sample – General Accounting

In this sample accounting resume, our theoretical job applicant has constructed a simple resume for general use.  It’s a fairly standard model, and would serve ...

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Example ? CS for Finance


Sample – Computer Science for Finance

Here is a sample of a resume written by an experienced computer science professional seeking a job in the financial field.  The writer here has a lot of experie...

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Sample ? Public Accounting Firms


Career – Public Accounting Firms

Are you applying for a position with a public accounting firm?  Try following the example shown here.  This file will show you where your information should go,...

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Example Resume ? Financial Analyst


Career – Financial Analyst

In this sample resume, an experienced financial professional is pursuing a new job as a financial analyst.  In addition to normal resume features, this fictitio...

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Example ? Financial Analyst 2


Career – Financial Analyst 2

Here we can see the sample resume of a financial professional trying to find a new analyst position with a major brokerage house.  The writer here is a recent g...

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Example ? Finance Career


Career – Finance

In this sample resume, the job applicant is trying to secure a new full-time position in finance.  It’s a simple, clear format that would work well with many fi...

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