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Sample – High School Love Letter

Here is a sample of a basic love letter as written by a high school student to her boyfriend. It follows a common love letter format, starting with an anecdote...

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Sample – Confession Love Letter 4

Here is another sample letter depicting a man expressing his romantic feelings for a woman whom he has known only as a friend. Our fictitious writer here choos...

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Sample – Confession Love Letter 5

Here is another love letter where the writer is confessing her love for somebody she is already in a romantic relationship with. Our writer here is not accusto...

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Sample – Confession Love Letter 3

Here is another example of a letter written by somebody who wishes to express his or her love for somebody who has up until now been only a friend. Consider em...

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Sample – Thank You for Date

There may be some occasions when a date left you with such a strong impression that you want to send a thank you letter to this effect. The object here is gene...

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Sample – Confession Love Letter 2

Our fictitious writer here has been in a somewhat informal romantic relationship with someone she has developed strong feelings for. She therefore has decided ...

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Sample – Confession Love Letter 1

It can be difficult to confess your romantic feelings to somebody with whom you have been friends for a long while. In such an occasion, some people choose to ...

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Example ? Generic Love Letter


Sample – Love Letter to a Special Person

Here you can see a sample of a general-purpose love letter, written to somebody with which the writer shares an intimate relationship. The object here is fairl...

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Example ? Love Letter to Husband


Sample – Love Letter to Husband

A simple love letter can be a great gesture to reinforce a romantic relationship. This sample is written from a fictitious wife to her husband, but can be easi...

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Sample ? Love Letter to Husband


Sample – Love Letter

Here is an example of a simple love letter, written by a fictitious wife to her husband of ten years.  For something as personal as this, it’s best to consider ...

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