Listings for General Holiday Season (5)

Sample Holiday Greeting to Employee


Sample – Holiday Greeting Letter to Employee

Sometimes, a company will send out a general greeting to its employees to wish them a happy holiday season. Here is a sample of such a letter. This is a good wa...

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Corporate Holiday Greeting Examples


Sample – Corporate Holiday Greetings

Here is a list of short sample holiday greetings that might be given out by a corporate entity to employees, clients, or customers. Consider using a note simil...

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Holiday Note Examples


Sample – Holiday Business Memos & Emails

In this document, you will find three sample memos or emails designed to wish a happy new year to the people important to your business. There is one designed ...

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Happy Holiday Card Example


Sample – Holiday Card

Here is a sample of a note that might be written in a holiday card from one family to a family friend. This letter gives a non-specific “happy holidays”, thoug...

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Happy Holidays to Client Example


Sample – Happy Holidays to Client

In this sample letter, a business owner is writing to a client on the occasion of the new year to express thanks for his business for the past year. This is a ...

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