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General Cover Letter Template


Template – General Cover Letter

Do you need help writing your cover letter? This template can help you in writing a letter for any kind of job application or job inquiry. Follow along with t...

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General Part Time Cover Letter Template


Template – General Part Time Job Cover Letter

This letter gives you a basic template that can be followed when writing a simple cover letter for a part time job. Plug in your indicated information in the p...

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Template - Outline 3


Template – Outline 3

Here’s another easy template you can follow while trying to write your own professional employment cover letter.  It includes detailed descriptions on what to w...

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Template - Outline 2 Page 1


Template – Outline 2

Here is another template you can follow when trying to write out your own professional cover letters.  Here you’ll find in-depth descriptions of what you need t...

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Template - Outline 1


Template – Outline 1

Here’s a good general purpose template to help you build your own cover letters for any employment application.  Follow these easy instructions and fill in your...

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Sample - Cover Letter Outline


Cover Letter Outline

Here is a simple template for formatting your own cover letters for most employment-related opportunities.  You’ll find detailed instructions for what needs to ...

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