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Sample ? Formal Resignation 6


Example – Formal Resignation 6

Here is one more example of how an employee might compose a letter to formally resign from his place of employment. Consider this as a model for your own forma...

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Resignation Letter Template


Template – Resignation Letter

This template is handy for when you need to compose a letter announcing your resignation from your job.  Simply follow the instructions, utilizing an appropriat...

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Resignation Email Template


Template – Resignation Email

Here we have a template for an email being composed for the purpose of announcing your resignation to your employer.  Simply write out your own appropriate info...

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Example ? Volunteer Resignation Letter


Sample – Volunteer Resignation Letter

In this sample letter, a volunteer worker is resigning from the hospital that he or she has been working for.  This is generally a simpler matter than resigning...

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Example ? Short Notice Resignation


Sample – Short Notice Resignation Letter

In this sample resignation letter, our fictitious writer was unable to give the usual two weeks’ notice generally required.  Such things can be a delicate matte...

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Example ? Relocation Resignation Letter


Sample – Relocation Resignation Letter

In this sample resignation letter, the fictitious writer needs to leave his or her job due to a relocation to another city.  It’s a fairly standard resignation ...

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Example ? Two Weeks? Notice


Sample – Two Weeks’ Notice

Here is a sample of a fairly straightforward resignation letter, giving two weeks’ notice to an employer.  The goal here is to clearly state the reasons for you...

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