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Salary Increase Request Example


Sample – Salary Increase Request Letter

Sometime it is appropriate to make a formal request of your employer for an increase in salary, like in this sample letter. Our fictitious writer here has rece...

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Reference Request Email Example


Sample – Reference Request Email

When you are applying for a position that requires a reference, it is often appropriate to first contact the people who you wish to list as references. In this...

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Recommendation Request Email Example


Sample – Recommendation Request Email

The writer of this sample email is asking a professor that she has had for several classes to compose a general recommendation letter for her job search. Notic...

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Interview Request Email Example


Sample – Interview Request Email

In this sample email letter, the fictitious writer is contacting a health care group regarding work opportunities. This is similar in many ways to how you migh...

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Sample ? Career Change Letter


Sample – Career Change Letter

When you want to make a career change, you're going to need to take particular care with your cover letters. This sample cover letter shows how you might forma...

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Promotion Request Letter Example


Sample – Promotion Request Letter

Sometimes there is a job opening within your job, and it is appropriate to submit a letter to your human resources or other appropriate body in order to request...

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Job Transfer Request Example 2


Sample – Job Transfer Request 2

Here is a sample of an email that might be written for the purposes of requesting a transfer to another department within your company. Our fictitious writer h...

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Job Transfer Request Template


Template – Job Transfer Request

When you need to compose a letter requesting a job transfer, this simple template can help guide you. This document will give you clear, step-by-step instructi...

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Job Transfer Request Example 1


Sample – Job Transfer Request Letter 1

If you ever have a need to relocate to a new city, you may have the option of requesting an appropriate transfer from your current job. Here is an example of a...

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Sample ? Request for Evaluation for Child


Example – Request for Evaluation for Child

The purpose of this example letter is to request that a school provide an evaluation for your child. This may be a necessary letter to write if your child is s...

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