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Sample Follow-Up Marketing Letter


Sample – Follow-Up Marketing Business Letter

In this sample letter, a company is following up after a purchase from a long-term client to extend a special, exclusive discount. This is a good way to encour...

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Sample Client Follow-Up Email


Sample – Client Follow-Up Email

In this sample letter, a representative for a business is contacting a long-time client to follow-up on a potential sale opportunity. The company had been in c...

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Salary Increase Request Example


Sample – Salary Increase Request Letter

Sometime it is appropriate to make a formal request of your employer for an increase in salary, like in this sample letter. Our fictitious writer here has rece...

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Reference Request Email Example


Sample – Reference Request Email

When you are applying for a position that requires a reference, it is often appropriate to first contact the people who you wish to list as references. In this...

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Recommendation Request Email Example


Sample – Recommendation Request Email

The writer of this sample email is asking a professor that she has had for several classes to compose a general recommendation letter for her job search. Notic...

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Interview Request Email Example


Sample – Interview Request Email

In this sample email letter, the fictitious writer is contacting a health care group regarding work opportunities. This is similar in many ways to how you migh...

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Sample ? Career Change Letter


Sample – Career Change Letter

When you want to make a career change, you're going to need to take particular care with your cover letters. This sample cover letter shows how you might forma...

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Promotion Application Email Example


Sample – Job Promotion Application Email

When you want to apply for an open position within the company you are currently working for, you might compose an email to the appropriate department similar t...

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Two Weeks' Notice Example 2


Sample – Resignation Two Weeks’ Notice 2

Here is another example of how you might compose a letter to give your two weeks' notice to your job when you resign your position. Consider this model when it...

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Two Weeks' Notice Example 1


Sample – Resignation Two Weeks’ Notice 1

Most jobs will require that, when you resign from your position, you give a minimum of two weeks' notice beforehand. Here is a sample of a letter that you migh...

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