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Sample Follow Up to New Contact


Sample – Follow-Up after Networking Event

In this sample follow-up letter, the fictitious writer is following up with a contact she met at a professional networking event.  Here she reminds the contact ...

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Sample ? Follow-Up to Alumni


Sample – Follow-Up to Alumni Contact

In this sample follow-up letter, our fictitious writer is reconnecting with a new contact she made at a college networking event.  Notice how she is attempting ...

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Template ? Complaint Letter 2


Template – Complaint Letter 2

Here’s an alternative template that can be used to voice a grievance with an organization you have done business with.  Consider it as a model for any email or ...

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Template ? Complaint Letter 1


Template – Complaint Letter 1

If you have a need to send a complaint letter to a business, this is a good template to follow.  This will show you exactly how to phrase your grievance in a pr...

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Template ? Sample Business Letter


Template – Sample Letter

Here’s a template for business letters, providing an in-depth discussion of how your paragraphs should be constructed.  It’s a good template for people who are ...

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Email Message Template


Template – Email Message to Employer

This template can serve you well for either an email-based cover letter in a job application, or when making a request of a company.  Consider it as a model for...

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Email Cover Letter Template


Template – Email Cover Letter

This template offers an example of how to apply to a job position via email, constructing your message and building your cover letter so as best to appeal your ...

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Template – Business Letter Format

Here is a template for writing a persuasive business letter. The object here is to state a problem and offer a solution in a way that makes it clear that you ar...

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General Business Letter Template


Template – General Business Letter

This is a template for a very general variety of business letter. You can use this model for any type of professional communication, particularly where there is...

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