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Samples ? Sincere Thank You Notes


Examples – Sincere Thank You Notes

Here are a couple of example thank you notes, both of them written by students who wish to express their appreciation to a role model. Consider using a similar...

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Samples ? Thanks for Business


Examples – Thanks for Business

Here we have an example of a letter that a small business owner might compose to thank a client for his or her business. This can be a good strategy to foster ...

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Sample ? Post-Interview Thank You


Example – Post-Interview Thank You

Here's a sample letter written by a fictitious job applicant who wants to thank a company for an opportunity to interview with them. This may be a good way to ...

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Sample ? Thanks for Legal Help


Example – Thank You to Law Firm

Here is an example of a letter written by somebody who just benefited from the services of a legal team and wishes to express his thanks. This can be a nice ge...

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Sample ? Memo to Coworkers


Example – Memo to Coworkers

In this memo example, our fictitious writer is alerting all employees of a new policy regarding workplace etiquette. Notice how she clearly explains the new ru...

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Sample ? Post-Merger Memo


Example – Memo to Business Post-Merger

In this example memo, the head of one company is communicating with a company that is to be merged with her own. The object here is to welcome and reassure the...

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Sample ? First Meeting Note


Example – First Meeting Note

In these two examples, coworkers are expressing their appreciation with each other regarding their first meeting. This is a good way to touch base with a new c...

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Samples ? Farewell Thank You Notes


Examples – Farewell Thank You Notes

Here you'll find a couple of example notes that might be written by somebody saying goodbye to a fellow employee when he or she is moving on to another job. Co...

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Sample ? Customer Service Appreciation


Example – Customer Service Appreciation Note

In this sample letter, a satisfied customer is writing to company head to express her appreciation for an employee's fine customer service. Notice how the writ...

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