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Client Follow-Up Business Letter Template


Template – Client Follow-Up Business Letter

When you are engaging in business with a client, it is often appropriate to send a letter to the client in order to follow up on your meetings. The purpose of ...

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Business Meeting Follow-Up Letter Sample


Sample – Business Meeting Follow-Up Letter

After a business meeting, it is often appropriate to send a follow-up letter like the one you see in this sample. The objective here is to review the subject o...

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Sample Follow-Up Marketing Letter


Sample – Follow-Up Marketing Business Letter

In this sample letter, a company is following up after a purchase from a long-term client to extend a special, exclusive discount. This is a good way to encour...

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Sample Client Follow-Up Email


Sample – Client Follow-Up Email

In this sample letter, a representative for a business is contacting a long-time client to follow-up on a potential sale opportunity. The company had been in c...

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Sample ? Thank You for Business


Example – Thank You for Loyal Business

There are times when it is appropriate to single out a particularly valuable customer and send him or her a personal thank you letter for their business.  This ...

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Follow-Up Letter Template


Template – Follow-Up Letter

This template gives you an outline of how to construct a letter sent to a potential employer after you interview for a position.  The purpose of this letter is ...

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