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Example ? Farewell to Coworkers


Example – Farewell to Coworkers

In this sample letter, our writer has just been promoted to a new position and is graciously saying goodbye to his old coworkers.  The object here is to thank t...

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Example ? Internship Farewell


Example – Internship Farewell

Our fictitious writer in this sample letter is saying goodbye to his company as his internship comes to a close.  This will help to maintain a positive relation...

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Sample ? Goodbye to Friend


Example – Goodbye Letter to a Friend

Here's an example of a letter that one friend might write to another as a farewell.  Our writer here met her new friend as they worked together in a summer job,...

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Sample ? Employee Farewell 2


Example – Employee Farewell 2

Here's another example of how an employee might compose a farewell to a superior after deciding to leave her current job.  It's a pretty simple letter, covering...

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Sample ? Employee Farewell 3


Example – Employee Farewell 3

Here is another example of a letter being written by an employee to formally say goodbye to her old manager.  In this version, the employee is moving to a diffe...

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Example ? Employee Farewell 1


Example – Employee Farewell 1

Here is a sample of an email message sent by an employee who is informing a superior of her choice to leave her current job.  The purpose of this letter is to s...

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