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Sponsorship Letter Template


Template – Sponsorship Letter

Here is a simple template you can follow when trying to write your own letter for the purposes of soliciting sponsorship.  Simply plug in your appropriate infor...

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Example ? Sponsorship Letter 3


Sample – Sponsorship Letter 3

In this last sponsorship letter sample, we see the fictitious writer appealing to another group to fund her environmental interest.

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Example ? Sponsorship Letter 2


Sample – Sponsorship Letter 2

Here is another sample letter being written in an effort to solicit sponsorship for the writer’s organization.  Our fictitious writer here is hoping to secure f...

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Example ? Sponsorship Letter 1


Sample – Sponsorship Letter 1

Here is a sample letter of an organization trying to secure sponsorship from another for their children’s center.  The object here is to appeal to your reader, ...

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