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Scholarship Cover Letter Example 1


Sample – Scholarship Cover Letter 1

In this sample letter, a high school student is writing to a company who is offering academic scholarships to local students. This letter serves to inquire fur...

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Scholarship Cover Letter Sample 2


Sample – Scholarship Cover Letter 2

Here is another example of a cover letter that might be written to accompany an application for an academic scholarship. Again, our writer here wants to expres...

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Template ? Financial Aid Request Letter


Template – Financial Aid Request

This template is useful to anybody needing to write a letter expressing a desire to apply for a scholarship or grant. Here you will find specific guidelines on...

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Template ? Scholarship Application Letter 2


Template – Scholarship Letter 2

Here is another template that can be used to construct a letter for the purposes of applying for a scholarship. Consider following this model when composing yo...

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Template ? Scholarship Application Letter


Template – Scholarship Application Letter

Here is a simple template to use when constructing a letter for the purposes of a scholarship application. Insert your appropriate information into the indicat...

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Example ? Scholarship Application


Sample – Scholarship Application

In this application letter, we can see a sample of how a hopeful nursing student might appeal for a scholarship fund. The object here is to answer three questi...

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Example ? Honors Program Scholarship


Sample – Honors Program Scholarship Application

In this sample letter, you can see how a fictitious nursing student might compose an application letter for an honors program scholarship. Take note of the way...

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Template ? College Scholarship Application Letter


Template – College Scholarship Application

This template was designed for soon-to-be high school graduates who are applying for scholarships in order to go to a university. Try following these simple di...

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Example ? Scholarship Cover Letter


Sample – Scholarship Cover Letter

Applying for a college scholarship is much like applying for a job.  In this sample letter, our fictitious writer is composing a cover letter for his scholarshi...

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