Why Do You Need a Cover Letter?

Cover letters are an important part of the application process because it’s difficult to learn everything you need to know about somebody from their resume alone. This letter lets you discuss your qualifications in further detail than your resume, relating them specifically to the job you are applying for. You can talk about transferable skills that might not be clear in your job history, and maybe list interests and passions that relate to the job or company you are applying to.

The cover letter is also your best chance to customize your application to a specific potential employer. If you admire this company, or if you are a long-time customer, this would be a good place to bring it up. If you were referred to this position by somebody within the company, this is where you could drop the name. This helps to show the employer that you are putting special effort into your application, and may prove to be a passionate and dedicated worker.

Your potential employer will probably be judging you based on not only the content of your cover letter, but the quality of your writing therein. A cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your ability to communicate clearly and express ideas in a professional, intelligent language.

In many cases, you cover letter is going to be what your potential employer uses to decide whether or not he or she should look at your resume. If you don’t have one of these, you may come off as unprepared, disorganized, or inept. Always put your best foot forward, and prepare a high-quality cover letter with every application.